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Although skunks are not aggressive in nature, they can cause damage to the land by digging in search of worms. They are of course known to rummage through the trash and eat the contents, eating vegetables from a garden (particularly corn), and also for breaking into barns in rural areas to feed on eggs . Skunks, however, are mainly known to emit a disgusting smell in the way of self-defense.

Females have one litter per year consisting of 2-16 small. In captivity, skunks can live up to 10 years in the wild but his life falls to about three years due to lack of food and water, diseases, predators and other environmental factors .

Description: The most common species of skunk in Canada is the skunk. It is characterized by its black coat and two white lines on the back and tail. Skunks can measure up to 29 cm and weighs an average of 8 pounds.