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Carpenter Ants
Inside, the carpenter ant nests are usually in places where the wood is wet: in hollow doors, wood cabinets near the dishwasher, behind baseboards, fireplaces and window frames, and basements and attics. They are typically nocturnal and attracted to foods such as honey, jam, fruit and meat. Although carpenter ants do not sting, they can bite.
Ants are social insects that typically establish colonies during a period of two or three years. When a colony contains between 2000 and 3000 ants, it is established and the queen leaves to form new ones.

Description: In general, carpenter ants are black, with shades of red or brown depending on the species. The girls are between 3-13 mm (1 / 8 inch to 1 / 2 inches), while queens can grow to over 25 mm (1 inch) are the only females to wear wings. The head carpenter ants is large, is typically bent antennas and provides powerful mandibles (jaws).

Pharaoh Ants 
Pharaoh ants are normally nests in places difficult of access, hot and humid, as behind baseboards, behind the tiles, in furniture. They are typically nocturnal and attracted to foods such as dead insects, meat, cheese and sweet substances such as syrup, fruits, frozen pies and cakes. Pharaoh ants can bite.

Over a lifetime, the pharaoh ant queens can lay up to 400 eggs. Ideally, a period of 38 days is required between the laying of the egg and the emergence of an adult worker ant. The pharaoh ants are difficult to eliminate because they produce several colonies "satellites" associated with the mother colony. These massive colonies have many queens and up to hundreds of thousands of ants.

Description: The Pharaoh ant has a color ranging from pale yellow to brown to red, with the abdomen usually darker than the rest of the body. The workers are 1.5 to 2.5 mm, while queens can measure 3.5 mm to 5 mm and are brownish red, darker than the workers. The queens are the only females to wear wings. The head of pharaoh ants is large, the antennas typically coudées door with a sledgehammer at the end, and provides powerful mandibles (jaws).