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Although there are five major species of cockroaches, the most common cockroach in Canada is the Germanic. The body of the Germanic cockroach is oval and flat; light brown with two dark brown lines on the thorax. The cockroach has long, slender antennae and long legs, and two pairs of wings. Cockroaches are 15 mm (3 / 4 inches) in length at adulthood.

All species of cockroaches are pests and leave a stench on contaminated food. They are found wherever they can find food, water and shelter, and eat almost anything: food, cadavers, paper, tissue, feces, blood, sputum, etc. When infested, one can spot a cockroach in any area of the house, but they prefer damp places and come out mostly at night. Cockroaches can be a health hazard since they can transmit diseases to humans.

The female lays up to 8 pouches each containing 40 eggs. Larvae become adults in 100 days and adult cockroaches can live up to a year. An infestation of cockroaches can number in the thousands.