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Pest Control

Welcome to our website !

Animex is a Specialist in Extermination, Bird control &  Wildlife. We offers a range of services in Golf course,Industrial,urban and commercial . We guarantee to find solutions quickly and effectively to any infestation of pigeons, gulls,geese, intrusion of wild animals or other insects, rodents such as mice, and rats.

Our services are professional, discreet and top quality. We use high quality products, efficient and safe, all at affordable prices and with guaranteed results. Trust the experts OF Animex.

Our accreditation as Exterminator :

Quality Pro

National Pest Management Association

Adapted Services

We have a variety of services for your company.

- Prevention Program "Monthly Visit» in pest management.

- Bird Control services

- Wildlife control

-Installation of bird netting, Spike, Grill and many more...

- Cleaning, Disinfection of all kinds

- Installation, Rental Service of sound equipments and visual deterrents against bird and animal

Bird & Wildlife

We capture wild animals, raccoon, skunk, groundhog in the greatest respect for animals and all animals captured are relocated in the hours following any captured animal won’t be hurt. The equipment used to catch are safe for animals.

Bird control can be made with many ways, Audio, Visual